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The Secret Circle Wiki is a free and public website that anyone can edit. So if you're a fan of The Secret Circle's universe, both the books written by L.J. Smith and the TV series created by Andrew Miller, then join us! We will welcome you on here and show you the ropes.

The TV Show

Diana Meade
Adam Conant
Nick Armstrong
Jake Armstrong
Jane Blake
Dawn Chamberlain
John Blackwell
Ethan Conant

The Novels

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Featured Character

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Faye Chamberlain

Faye Chamberlain (born February 25, 1995) is an eccentric and free-spirited Witch, she is the daughter of the late Thomas Chamberlain, and Dawn, the granddaughter of the late Henry Chamberlain, the girlfriend of Jake Armstrong, the ex-girlfriend of the late Lee Labeque, the best friend of Melissa Glaser, and a member of The Chance Harbor Circle.

Faye found out about her magic sometime before Cassie moved to Chance Harbor, Washington with the help of Diana and the others. Out of all the Circle members, Faye is the one with the most ambition and is always searching for more power, and when she gets it, uses it recklessly and selfishly.


Featured Episode

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After Faye is attacked by the Witch Hunters, Jake, Melissa and Adam set out to save her. Blackwell tells Cassie and Diana that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin blood to unleash the Crystal Skull. Diana is reluctant, but Cassie convinces her it’s the only way to help their friend, but she’ll need to tap into her dark magic to do it. Also a mysterious magical power or so what gives the circle his solo magic back. Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles are faced with a new way to get their power back…but at a very big cost. (more...)


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